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Step 1

Determine the location of your plant, and dig a hole slightly larger than the pot.

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Step 2

Take the plant out of the pot and gently break up the roots. This will enable new roots to establish in the surrounding soil more quickly.

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Step 3

Place the plant in the hole. The top root when barely covered with dirt should be level with the surrounding ground.

Step 4

Fill the hole with dirt. Gently compact the dirt in the hole. You can use the end of a shovel handle or a stick. The goal is to have no air pockets in the dirt near the plant.

Step 5

Use a bucket or hose to water your plant. Not only will this help hydrate your plant and surrounding soil, but it will further reduce air pockets. 

Step 6

Build a small mound around the tree with the remaining dirt. This is helpful in establishing new plants because it will help the water reach the developing roots of the plant. 

New roots take 4-6 weeks to establish, so we recommend watering your newly planted tree every day for at least a month. Irrigation is not sufficient during this time.

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