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Treat mangos like bananas

When you get home:

Remove fruit from plastic bags.
Typically fruit is ripened on countertops. Warmer temperatures will hasten ripening while cooler temperatures will slow ripening. Do not refrigerate fruit! 

Tip: Put some of your mangos on a screened porch or other warm area to ripen faster. 

How to tell if your mango is ripe:

Ripe mangos will have a slight give to the skin and you will be able to smell the sweetness of the fruit. Different varieties look different when ripe. Some turn yellow, some stay green and some have a deep red blush. Also, people prefer different levels of ripeness. For example, some of our Thai customers love 'Pim Seng Mun' and 'Nam Doc Mai' green while other customers prefer them riper. As mangos ripen, they become sweeter and softer. You might try the same variety of mango at different levels of ripeness.

A properly ripened organically-grown mango is an extraordinary treat. We think that the best way to enjoy a mango is freshly sliced. Do not refrigerate for more than an hour or two. Temperatures below 54 degrees Fahrenheit can alter the unique flavors in our mangos and cause damage to the consistency of the fruit. If cut fruit is not consumed the same day, we recommend freezing the mangos for later use.