Special Order Mangos for Memorial Day (Monday, May 27, 2019) UPDATE

You can place a mango order for pickup on Monday, May 27, 2019!

The pickup times are 10am and 4pm.

The minimum order is 10 pounds per variety of mango. Orders are limited by availability.

We will pick mangos tomorrow, so we don’t yet know which mango varieties we will have and how much. At this point in the season, we will probably have enough ‘Glenn’ for ten-pound orders, but we will probably not have enough ‘Lemon Meringue’ and ‘Carrie’ for a single-variety orders. Please include your second choice of variety in case we can't fill your entire order with your first choice.

To place an order, please email us at trulytropicalpresents@gmail.com. Please include:

  • What mango varieties you want

  • How much of each mango variety

  • Which pickup time (10am or 4pm) you would like

We will update this post with the mango varieties we have after we pick tomorrow.

Sunday Update on Availability:

  • Dwarf Hawaiian

  • Glenn

  • Cogshall

  • Nam Doc Mai

  • some Jacquelin

  • some Carrie

  • some Julie

  • a limited amount of Edward

  • a limited amount of Lemon Meringue

Chris Wenzel