Fruit for Saturday, July 7, 2018

The later season mangos like 'Keitt', 'Kent' and 'Beverly' are coming in!  Plus, we have the second crop of 'Lemon Meringue' mangos! 

Open Saturday 9AM-Noon

Mango varieties available will include:

  • Keitt

  • Kent

  • Graham

  • Duncan

  • Mallika

  • Lemon Meringue

  • Madame Francis

  • a few Pram Kai Mea

  • Kent

  • Dwarf Hawaiian

  • Carrie

  • Valencia Pride

  • Beverly 

  • Gary 

  • Jacquelin

  • Jakarta

  • and more!

We will also have Carambola (Star Fruit)!

Scion of the Day!

The Scion (Graftwood) of the Day will be 'Son Pari'! Each scion will be $3. 

As always, fruit trees and fruit tree fertilizers are also available. 

Chris Wenzel