Fruit for Saturday, December 1, 2018

Open Saturday 9am-Noon

Fruit available will include:


Fertilizer Special!

This is a great opportunity to buy 0-3-16 fertilizer in smaller quantities! Many of our bags of 0-3-16 were damaged. We taped the bags up, then weighed each one to calculate the price. A couple bags are even less than 10 pounds.

The special price for these broken bags of 0-3-16 Fertilizer will be $0.70 per pound.

As always, fruit trees and fruit tree fertilizers are available. In addition to many varieties of mango trees, we also have:

  • ‘Pantin’ Mamey Sapote

  • Canistel

  • ‘Kilo’ Guava

  • Carambola

  • Various Annonas

  • Sapodilla

  • etc..

Chris Wenzel