'Sugar Loaf' Mango Trees! ...and Fruit for Saturday, November 17, 2018

Open Saturday 9am-Noon

Fruit available will include:

Carambola (Star Fruit)

a few Coconuts

Scions of the Day

We will have an assortment of scions available for $3 each.

Also, please vote for the mango variety for next Saturday’s Scion of the Day! Let us know on Facebook! (Varieties that we don’t have enough graft wood to offer include ‘Pina Colada’, ‘Coconut Cream’, ‘Sugar Loaf’, ‘M-4’, ‘Orange Sherbet’, ‘Kesar’, and ‘Maha Chanook’.)

‘Sugar Loaf’ Mango Trees are HERE!


We have a limited number of small 3-gallon ‘Sugar Loaf’ (aka ‘E-4’) Mango Trees available! Each plant is $40. ‘Sugar Loaf’ is one of Gary Zill’s new mango varieties. It is likely a cross between ‘Edward’ and ‘Gary’ and is delicious!

As always, fruit trees and fruit tree fertilizers are available.

Chris Wenzel